Friday, December 11, 2009

Tank Game v1.0 is ready in App Store

Application Description:

Tank Game is a iPhone 3D action game designed with sophisticated artificial intelligence to challenge your strategy thinking, tank aiming, and dodging skills. It is set in a town with invading enemy tanks. Your mission is to destroy those enemies as many as possible while getting survival as long as possible. The enemies are trained with artificial intelligence that knows to use outflanking tactics or surprise attack. An advice to succeed in this game is to keep moving and hitting aid gas cans for healing while aiming and firing enemies by rotating the tower.

- There will be 4 tanks at once. After you destroy one, a new tank will be born in somewhere of the town within 10 seconds.

- To heal your tank, there will be totally 8 aid gas cans scattered in the town for you to hit and repair. After you consume one, a new one will be created somewhere of the town within 20 seconds.
- A cannon reload takes about 2 seconds for next firing.

- There is a challenge to control both tank moving and tower rotating at the same time. Good luck for perfecting your aiming and dodging control skills.

The user interface brief: there are 3 circles on screen bottom:
1. Move: the left circle is for controlling tank moving: Left, Right, Forward, and Backward.

2. Fire: the middle circle is for firing the cannon.

3. Tower: the right circle is for rotating tower and cannon level for aiming: Left, Right, Up, and Down.

Notice: The view aspect always follows the tower/cannon direction so the tank direction is sometimes different from the tower/cannon direction. Please watch the hint of the moving directions on the ground for guidance.

Languages: English

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

歡迎來到勇虎坦克的戰鬥世界! 遊戲背景發生在一個被敵軍入侵的小鎮,敵坦克將源源不斷的湧入小鎮. 您的任務是儘可能得殲滅敵軍以保衛己方小鎮. 敵坦克經由人工智慧訓練, 學會使用迂迴包抄以及奇襲等戰術. 給您的建議是儘可能不斷地移動位置,在行進間轉動砲塔朝敵軍射擊.
- 同一時間,小鎮裏最多會有四輛坦克出現. 一輛遭擊毀之後會自動在10秒後在某處重生.
- 補充生命值的方法是去碰觸貼有紅十字的油桶, 被碰觸的油桶會在30秒後在某處重生.
- 砲彈發射之後, 需耗時2秒重新裝填始可再射擊.
- 您需克服手腦並用的操作挑戰以同時控制坦克行進以及旋轉砲塔. 祝您可以熟練快速閃躲同時行進間射擊的高超技巧.
注意: 游戲鏡頭是跟隨著砲塔方位而旋轉, 有時坦克行進方向會跟砲塔方向不同, 這時可以觀看地上的車行方位指示.

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